Buddhism-Tibet: History of Jo-nang-pas

R.Mayer at ukc.ac.uk R.Mayer at ukc.ac.uk
Wed Dec 14 17:16:50 EST 1994

You should get in touch with Dr Shenpen Hookham, who did a
DPhi;l on the gzhan-stong tradition, using a lot of
matertial from Kongtrul Lodr Thaye (she translated his
commentary to the Mahayana Uttaratantra Sastra); also
a lot of Dolpopa's ri0chos ri-chos material e was
discussed. Her book "Yhe Buddha Within", published by
SUNY, is a version of her thesis. It is very good.
Her address is 30 Beechey Avenue, Old Marston, Oxford
Some Jonangpa monasteries survive to this day in Khams.
Plesae pardon my typing (this modem is very problematic!)
All the best,
Rob Mayer

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