Buddhism-Tibet: History of Jo-nang-pas

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Dear reader,

in 1992 I wrote my MA-thesis on the following subject:

The "dBu-ma gZhan-stong" (Empty-of-other) -Philosophy in 
Kong-sprul Blo-gros mTha'-yas buddhist encyclopaedia (called:)
"Shes-bya kun-mkhyab mdzod". If there's anybody interested in some
related subject, I'll be happy to receive a message. Look, for instance,
for the short discussion on the "rang-stong/gzhan-stong discussion" in 
Paul Williams' excellent book "Mahayana Buddhism", which is one of the few

Currently, I'm working on a translation of a text (hopefully my future
PhD-thesis), which is a tibetan "chos-'byung", a religious history of the
Jo-nang-pa tradition. This tradition was renowned for it's origin in
India and the important role it played in transmitting the Kalacakra-tantra
into Tibet. It was stopped in the 17th cent. by the 5th. Dalai Lama because
of 'heretic views'. The short title of my text is "Jo-nang-ba'i chos-
'byung" and it's author is one "Dzam-thang Bla-ma Ngag-dbang blo-gros
Grags-pa". However, there's no date of neither him, nor the text, 
so far. 

Well, I must admit, I'm just getting started with my work. 
In case anybody of You have heard of this author, this text, have 
information about or interest in this subject, please send a message 
to the above adress (ami0209).

Thank you

Johannes B. Tuemmers

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