Dear All:

I want to alert you all to the Resource Library for Dharmaśāstra Studies created by Don Davis. It contains eleven Dharmaśāstra commentaries and Nibandhas digitized and searchable. I think it will be a great resource for those interested in the medieval Hindu/Brahmanical world. The texts are:

Bālakrīḍā of Viśvarūpa, commentary on the Yājñavalkya-dharmaśāstra.
Mitākṣarā of Vijñāneśvara, commentary on the Yājñavalkya-dharmaśāstra.
Aparārka’s Commentary on the Yājñavalkya-dharmaśāstra.
Bhāruci’s Commentary on the Mānava-dharmaśāstra.
(contains also the first five chapters that were omitted in Derrett’s edition)
Manubhāṣya of Medhātithi, commentary on the Mānava-dharmaśāstra.
Pārāśara-mādhavīya, Mādhava’s commentary on the Parāśara-smṛti.
Kṛtyakalpataru by Lakṣmīdhara, digest (two volumes on gifts and legal procedure available).
Dāyabhāga of Jīmūtavāhana, treatise on inheritance.
Smṛticandrikā by Devaṇabhaṭṭa, major digest in five volumes.
Vyavahāracintāmaṇi of Vācaspati Miśra, treatise on legal procedure.
Sarasvatīvilāsa by Pratāparudra, digest on legal procedure.

In addition there are:

Dakṣasmṛti, short mūlasmṛti.
The four Dharmasūtras (Āpastamba, Gautama, Baudhāyana, Vasiṣṭha), earliest texts of the dharma tradition in one searchable unicode file.

Others will be added as and when we manage to digitize them. With thanks and best wishes,

Patrick Olivelle