I have found that SanskritCR misses far too many underdots (i.e., not even rendering with cedillas) to be useful.  My bad luck?


Tim Lubin


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Dear Harry,

   The O - Sanskrit CR (pronounced "Seer") also does a tolerably good job --so you can clean up the output by replacing its umlauts with macrons, its cedillas with dots, etc., as global replacements.  (Just as Diego suggested.) 

   BTW,  S. Veṅkaṭarāma Śāstri's English translation of the Bālarāmāyaṇa is now available on archive.org

Best wishes,

Tim Cahill


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Dear list members,

Can someone point me to a good on-line tool to OCR sanskrit transliteration (english transliteration not devanagari).


Harry Spier

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