Dear List members,

I am looking for text passages of the soothsayer kaṭṭuvicci in Tamil literature.

Apparently, the character is absent in Caṅkam poetry. The word does not occur in the standard indexes.

Unfortunately, I am unable to open the Digital Tēvāram disk, but I do not expect the character in Śaiva Bhakti poetry, but I maybe wrong here. 

So far, I have found two references in Vaiṣṇava Bhakti poetry, namely in Tiruvāymoḻi 4.6.3 and Ciṟiya Tirumaṭal 20. My question is: is there an index on this particular corpus? If not, is there someone who happens to know other, more occurrences of the word in Vaiṣṇava poetry or knows of a publication about the kaṭṭuvicci?

With kind regards, Herman 

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