Dear Colleague,

Kindly try search Mukhopadhyaya Nyaya. A nice pdf version is downloadable from the link


Best, Jan Filipsky


From: INDOLOGY [] On Behalf Of Lee Ling Ting
Sent: Sunday, July 25, 2021 9:22 PM
Subject: [INDOLOGY] Looking for a PDF of The Nyāya theory of linguistic performance


Dear All, 


I'm looking for a PDF of P.K. Mukhopadhay's The Nyāya theory of linguistic performance: A new interpretation of Tattvacintāmaṇi (Publisher: Published for Jadavpur University, Calcutta by K.P. Bagchi & Co, 1992). 


Kindly let me know if you know where I could get a copy of it. 


Thank you! 



Lee Ling




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