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I have a query about cubits. I know that different lengths for the cubit measurement exist across time and cultures, though I'm still left with some doubt about my conversion. Might I be correct in calculating 60 cubits = 27.4 meters (90 feet)?

I came across this figure in the following passage.

“Uggasena appeared; he climbed up a pole sixty cubits high made up of many lengths of bamboo affixed one to the other firmly. He stood on top of the pole poised to stage a performance.” (vol. 3, p 217) // “Their show usually started with the appearance on the stage of a young maid, the daughter of the troupe's leading acrobat. She displayed her skill in acrobatics in various styles on a string of bamboos at a certain height from the ground; she moved from end to end gently and steadily, as she danced and sang with a pleasant voice.” (vol. 3, p 214) Vicittasārābhivasa et al. (1996, vol. 3, p. 217).

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