We too at the University of California at Berkeley have a BA major in Sanskrit. But there is the question of nomenclature as noted by Dominik.Our department of South and Southeast Asian Studies has several language tracks in which undergraduate students can major. Aside from Sanskrit there are tracks in Hindi, Tamil and others. But, regardless of the track,  the name of the field  on the diploma, as mandated by our university, would still be 'South and Southeast Asian Studies'. This is also true for our  graduate degrees.


For details, one may contact, Ms. Kristen Brooks at kristenbrooks@berkeley.edu

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We have a BA and a minor at UT-Austin:
  • University of Texas at Austin (link)
Best, Don
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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Where can you do a BA in Sanskrit?
What universities offer a BA in the Sanskrit language? 
  • Oxford (link)
  • [add yours here]
I do mean a BA devoted specifically to Sanskrit language and literature, not courses where it is a component, like area studies, South Asian civilization, etc.

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