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I believe that for the creation of art, altars and so forth in connection with ritual use, tradition required that the measure be taken from the sponsor's physical dimensions. As the system is therefore relative and not absolute, exact conversion is not possible.

The measures used in actual practice, however, may often be a different matter.

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Dear Friends,

I have a query about cubits. I know that different lengths for the cubit measurement exist across time and cultures, though I'm still left with some doubt about my conversion. Might I be correct in calculating 60 cubits = 27.4 meters (90 feet)?

I came across this figure in the following passage.

“Uggasena appeared; he climbed up a pole sixty cubits high made up of many lengths of bamboo affixed one to the other firmly. He stood on top of the pole poised to stage a performance.” (vol. 3, p 217) // “Their show usually started with the appearance on the stage of a young maid, the daughter of the troupe's leading acrobat. She displayed her skill in acrobatics in various styles on a string of bamboos at a certain height from the ground; she moved from end to end gently and steadily, as she danced and sang with a pleasant voice.” (vol. 3, p 214) Vicittasārābhivasa et al. (1996, vol. 3, p. 217).

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