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the manuscript of Jinadāsa's commentary on the Niryukti ( i. e. the cūrṇi, 2vols.) you find at

and search for



The part which deals with the namokkāra-prayer (Namaskāra-niryukti: vol. 1) includes many stories. These stories I have translated into German some decades ago, An English revision of my doctoral thesis I have sent to the L.D. Institute in Ahmedabad about 25 years ago. The plans for publishing it in India were never realized.



Am 09.06.2021 um 17:22 schrieb Suchandra Ghosh:
Dear All,
Can anyone please help me with the text of Avasyakacurni, preferably with translation? Only text would also help.
Thank you,
Suchandra Ghosh

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