Dear list members,
Can anyone give me any information about the following Gaṇeśa mantra (what scripture it is originally from, how old it is, ritual usage, anecdotal information, anything).

 gajānanaṁ bhūtagaṇādisevitaṁ

kapitthajambūphalacārubhakṣaṇam |

umāsutaṁ śokavināśakārakaṁ

namāmi vighneśvarapādapaṅkajam ||

I was under the impression it was a popular mantra. but on searching GRETIL and Muktabodha, and the internet,  I was only able to find it in Kulālaśāstra (IFP transcript T0452) and a mention in an online website that its part of the rituals on Holika Dahan.

Harry Spier