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Sanskrit instruction (and instruction in the humanities in general) is being cut at many universities, while at the same time 'real-world' interest in these topics is on the rise. Hence I thought it might be useful to get an overview of the existing 'alt-ac' institutions out there.

So far I am aware of 
-- the School of Indian Wisdom (

(Full disclosure: I teach the Introductory Sanskrit courses offered by Yogic Studies, and will be involved in the higher-level Sanskrit literature courses.)

I would be grateful for replies to this post
-- by anyone who can add to the above list of course offerings (i. e.: courses at a properly scholarly level, taught by academics, but not limited to students enrolled at one specific college or university)
-- by anyone at a college/university without a full Indology/Asian Studies department, interested in expanding the educational offerings available to their students by working together with such an alt-ac institution (the Yogic Studies three-term Introductory Sanskrit sequence, for example, is basically the same as the two-semester introduction I used to teach at Cornell; and Yogic Studies is beginning to build up co-operations with colleges/universities)

I will happily send a summary of such offerings/institutions to the List.

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Dr Antonia Ruppel FRAS
Author | The Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit
Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben | Institut für Indologie und Tibetologie
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Researcher 'Uncovering Sanskrit Syntax' | Department of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics
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