Respected scholars,
It is my pleasure to present before you digitization of the following work.

Utpalinī of Vyāḍi.

This lexicon is not available in full. Its fragments from various dictionaries were gleaned by Mr. Robert Birwé and published in an article. The present work is digitized version of these articles.
  1. Fragments From Three Lost Kośas: II. Vyāḍi's Utpalinī
    Robert BirwéJournal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 87, No. 1 (Jan. - Mar., 1967), pp. 39-52

Credits -

1. Mr. Robert Birwé for finding out the quotations of this lost lexicon and presenting them before scholarly community in a compact form.
2. Mr. Nagabhushana Rao of for providing the scans of the articles.

Dr. Dhaval Patel, I.A.S
Collector and District Magistrate, Surat