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If you are interested in social chaos, the obvious notion is the upheaval that arises in the Kali Yuga, but especially at the end of the Kali Yuga. The confusion of social classes, the varṇa-saṃkara, where people from one varṇa behave like those of a different varṇa, is considered the worst offense, especially between the two extremes, when brahmans behave like śūdras and vice versa. There is also moral deterioration. 

This idea is put forth in the Mahābhārata, and later becomes common in the Purāṇas. See Mbh 3.188 for a description of the social chaos, and Mbh 3.189 for how Kalki redresses the situation (this is the first mention of Kalki in the literature). The references are to the Critical Edition. You can see van Buitenen's translation in his vol 2, which includes books 2 & 3.



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I would be very thankful for any suggestions and works, which have studied the concepts in Indian philosophy and religion related or similar to the Western concept of "chaos".

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