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It is our pleasure to announce the publication of the volume Mārga. Paths to Liberation in South Asian Buddhist Traditions. Papers from an international symposium held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, December 17–18, 2015, edited by Cristina Pecchia and Vincent Eltschinger. Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, Vienna 2020. Pages vi, 426.

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Cristina Pecchia

Dr Cristina Pecchia
Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia (IKGA)
Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW)
FWF Austrian Science Fund

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Foreword 1

Rupert Gethin
Schemes of the Buddhist Path in the Nikāyas and Āgamas 5

Naomi Appleton
The Story of the Path: Indian Jātaka Literature and the Way to Buddhahood 79

Vincent Eltschinger
The “dhyāna-Master” Aśvaghoṣa on the Path, Mindfulness, and Concentration 99

Vincent Tournier
Stairway to Heaven and the Path to Buddhahood: Donors and Their Aspirations in Fifth- and Sixth-Century Ajanta 177

Nobuyoshi Yamabe
Ālayavijñāna in a Meditative Context 249

Daniel M.Stuart
Map Becomes Territory: Knowledge and Modes of Existence in Middle Period Buddhist Meditation Practice 277

Malcolm David Eckel
The Poetics of the Path: Bhāviveka’s Tattvāmṛtāvatāra (“Introduction to the Ambrosia of Reality”) 303

Jowita Kramer
Concepts of the Spiritual Path in the *Sūtrālaṃkāravṛttibhāṣya (Part II): The Eighteen manaskāras and the adhimukticaryābhūmi 329

Péter-Dániel Szántó
The Road Not to Be Taken: An Introduction to Two Ninth-Century Works Against Buddhist Antinomian Practice 363

Anna Filigenzi
Visual Embodiments of the Buddhist mārga: Space, Place and Artistry in Ancient Swat/Uḍḍiyāna 381

Index 415