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This is a problematic question. Śaṅkara is completely unknown to the authors of non-dual Śaivism or even the dual Śiddhānta Śaivism. In fact Utpala and Abhinava are using the 'advaita' of Bhartṛhari to encounter the 'advaita' of Vijñānavāda Buddhists to establish their own 'advaita' point. So Vedānta at large and particularly Śaṅkara is nowhere in the picture. There is a very nice preface written by Prof Ambikadatta Sharma to the book of Prof Navjivan Rastogi titled 'Abhinavagupta kā tantrāgamīya dharma-darśana' (2013) where he philosophically engages with this question mentioning why historically speaking Śaṅkara does not become important in the case of Śaiva schools of Kashmir, both dual or non-dual.

Having said that, there certainly are references here and there to śāntabrahmavādins, but mostly they are passing references. Vedāntins have never been important for Śaivas. However, I do think there should be a study that clearly reflects upon the two non-dual positions. I am saying this because I have myself seen in my own teaching practice that how easy is it to slip into the shoe of Śaṅkar's advaita when one is teaching Abhinava, for instance. I am trying to work on something. Let us see if I can finish it sooner than later.

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Can someone give me textual references for the refutation of the Shankara Advaita in works on Kashmir Shaivism?  Thanks.

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