Dear Marco,
Thank you so much for the article.
Le 31/07/2020 à 15:37, Marco Franceschini a écrit :
Dear Murugaiyan,

here is the pdf of the volume.



Marco Franceschini
Senior Assistant Professor
University of Bologna
Department of History and Cultures

Il giorno 31 lug 2020, alle ore 14:34, a.murugaiyan via INDOLOGY <> ha scritto:

Dear Colleagues,

 I would be thankful if anyone could share a pdf of the following article :

Hans Henrich Hock, Pre-ṛgvedic convergence between Indo-Aryan (Sanskrit) and Dravidian? A survey of the issues and controversies. Ideology and status of Sanskrit: Contributions to the history of the Sanskrit language, ed. by J. E. M. Houben, 17-58. Leiden: Brill. 1996.

Best regards
A. Murugaiyan

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