Thanks, Bradley, for posting this sad news.  Sandy Huntington was not just my student, but he was among my very first students when I joined the University of Michigan in 1972.  After studying with me at the university for a year, Sandy ran out of money and could not register for classes.  I told him that if he wanted, he could come to my home a few days every week, and I taught him at my home for a whole year.  He had no car in those days and he used to walk to my home in the midst of Ann Arbor's snowy winters.  Then he went to Banaras for a year and two and was studying with Pandit Upadhyaya.  During his stay in Banaras, he wrote me a few letters in Sanskrit.  He invited our family to his apartment for X-mas party, and he remembers that our daughters, probably aged three or four, opened every cabinet in his house to look for what they could find.  They were very fond of him. At some point, I wrote to him asking for his address.  He wrote back saying "you should put my name in your Will to inherit all your Sanskrit books."  I would have been very happy to do that, but now it is too late. The last time I saw Sandy was in April 2017 at the function organized by my department to celebrate the occasion of my retirement.  He shared his memories of his student days at Michigan.  I have a video of that occasion and so Sandy's last visit to Ann Arbor remains alive in my mind.  I am very sad to lose him.  This reminds me of a saying placed in the mouth of Upagupta in the Aśokāvadāna: धिगस्तु तां निष्करुणामनित्यताम्.
Madhav M. Deshpande

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Senior Fellow, Oxford Center for Hindu Studies

[Residence: Campbell, California, USA]

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Dear Colleagues,

I don't think the sad news has been shared on this list of the passing of C.W. (Sandy) Huntington, who was among other things a Sanskritist (a student of our Madhav Deshpande, in fact) and an important scholar of Madhyamaka Buddhism. One of Sandy's publishers, Wisdom Publications, has put out this poignant remembrance of him, and the link to it is just below. I thank Andy Rotman of Smith College for alerting me and others to this.

Brad Clough
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