Dear colleagues,

I am posting this request for John Newman, who is currently not a member of the list. He is interested in the Sanskrit edition of Asaṅga’s Tattvārtha chapter that appears in 高橋光一 [Takahashi Kōichi]. 『菩薩地』「真実義品」から「摂決択分中菩薩地」への思想展開 : vastu 概念を中心として. Bibliotheca Indologica et Buddhologica 12, Tokyo: Sankibo press, 2005. The Sanskrit text should be on pp. 83-117 of that study of the concept of vastu in that chapter of the Bodhisattvabhūmi.

If someone could provide us with an e-version of the whole work or at least the Sanskrit edition, we would be grateful. I would like a copy as well. John can be reached at .

Thank you,