This is amazing, thank you Harry!
I looked for some way to say thank you on the website, but I found no contact information. If anyone knows... (I do not have permission to post to the google group which you referenced)
(Further, although it is perhaps churlish to ask... if there were a way to link between the often very complex abbreviations of catalogue references under each text title to the catalogue of origin, that would be fantastic. But even as it is, it's a wonderful resource!!


On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 5:19 AM Harry Spier via INDOLOGY <> wrote:
Dear list members,
I've just seen from the Samskrita list that searchable e-texts of all 39 volumes of the New Catalogus Catalogorum are now on-line at the Vande Mataram Library Trust website.  

The announcement giving details about other texts and future uploads is at:

Harry Spier

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