Dear Ofer,

My suggestion would be to look at some of the Tamil Śaivasiddhānta Daśakārya texts, or paddhatis related to them - some of them are available in that fabulous resource the Tamil Digital Library - which might have a section on navagraha worship. Further, there is a collection of stotras to the Navagrahas and Caṉipakavāṉ which is also available in the Tamil Digital Library under the following title:

நவக்கிரகத் தோத்திரம் சனிபகவான் தோத்திரம்

warmly yours,
Srilata Raman,
Associate Professor of Hinduism,
University of Toronto.

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Navagraha worship in Tamil literature
Dear list members,

I would be grateful for any reference to pre-modern Tamil literary texts (or Sanskrit texts that originated from the Tamil-akam) that mention Navagraha-worship and the worship of Saturn in particular.

Many thanks,

Ofer Peres. 
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.