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     Only the letters च, ज, and झ have alternative pronunciations, dental and alveolar.  These are not optional pronunciations, but they occur in definite words and definite combinations, but these differences are not marked in Marathi Devanagari writing, and you need to consult a native speaker for which ones are pronounced where.  Even the native persons know this difference intuitively, but are not taught analytically in Marathi schools.  That makes it difficult for non-native speakers to figure this out.  


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Dear list members,
I need to provide a transliteration scheme to transliterate marathi hymns for english speakers to chant.  What I need is a list of those Marathi devanagari letters that have two pronounciations and what those pronounciations are.  For example in Marathi ज is pronounced in some contexts as ja and in others as za . I need to know the pronounciations for the other Marathi letters with two pronounciations.

Also I have contradictory information about which letters have two pronounciations.  One source says its च छ ज झ , another source (the wiki page on Marathi phonology says its:  च  ज झ फ

Harry Spier
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