Dear John,

     A student of mine, Allen Merkrebs Hillel, completed a PhD dissertation at the University of Michigan in 1977 on the topic of "The Concept of Adr̥ṣṭa in Vaiśeṣika Philosophy, As an Explanation for the Law of Karma."  It is available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.  If you don't have access to it, let me know.  With best wishes,

Madhav M. Deshpande
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Senior Fellow, Oxford Center for Hindu Studies

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Dear Indologists, 

I have tried to secure access to the following article with no luck from the usual resources.  Might anyone have a copy of the following that they would be willing to share with me?  I would be most grateful. 

A. Wezler (1983), "A note on the Concept of adṛṣṭa as used in the Vaiśeṣikasūtra," in B. DATTA, U.C. SHARMA & N.J. VYAS (eds.), Aruṇa-Bhāratī. Professor A.N. Jani Felicitation Volume (Essays in Contemporary Indological Research). 35-58. Baroda: Viveka Publications.




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