This should be:
Theodor Aufrecht, Catalogi Codicum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae Pars octava Codices Sanscriticos complectens, Oxford 1864.
Cp. the list of abbreviations in the Smaller Petrograd Dictionary (pw), p. XIV, where it says:
"Verz. d. Oxf. H. = Aufrecht, Verzeichniss der Oxforder Handschriften"

Regards, WS

Am Fr., 3. Juli 2020 um 06:04 Uhr schrieb James Hartzell via INDOLOGY <>:

In the Bothlink-Roth electronic edition (Koln Sanskrit Lexicons), under the word
3) n. mystische Bez. eines best. Theils des Körpers Verz. D. Oxf. H. 236,a, No. 567. 

Might anyone know 
a) Exactly which list of Oxford Manuscripts this refers to? (this particular abbreviation appears to be missing from the explanations of the Abbreviations (
b) What text is 236A, No. 567?
c) Whether there is a digital edition of 236A, No. 567?


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