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it is a "fun fact" that the word saṃskartā can be pronounced 108 different ways according to (some) grammarians. See Bhaṭṭojī Dīkṣita ad P. 8.3.34 (SK 138). The pronunciation sanskartā is, however, not among them.

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I’ve been enjoying the discussion on Indology. A friend had a question about Sanskrit that I could not answer properly. It involves the pronunciation of anusvāra before various consonants. I believe that before y, r, l and v, it is nasalized. Assuming that is correct, is it also nasalized before ś, ṣ, s and h? Some people say samskṛta, with an m sound, but I always assumed it was a nasal sound. I think the nasal is put in the same phonetic category as the ś etc. — aṃśa it is a palatal nasal, in saṃskṛta it is a dental nasal, and in siṃha it is sort of a velar nasal sound. The problem is, everyone seems to say simha (m sound), not the nasal sound. What do the grammarians say? Is there a correct pronunciation, or can one choose between the nasal and the “m” before ś, ṣ, s and h? George Hart
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