Dear David, dear Friends,

As always, David, your indications are most valuable. In one small respect however we now have a most wonderful resource which can enhance our use of canonical Tibetan materials, namely the database of the Resources for Kanjur Tanjur Studies from Vienna, conceived by Helmut Tauscher, built by Bruno Lainé and now also with the collaboration of Markus Viehbeck.
Regarding the two versions of the Kālacakra mentioned, there are further sources now available than those mentioned by David (no doubt on the basis of his extensive notes built in the days when we had only paper catalogues).

My own project ( is working with partners including the Vienna project and Esukhia ( toward full digitization of the Tibetan corpora, although that goal is still a bit in the future. Ultimately we hope that all canonical collections will be available not only in scans (which for most witnesses can already be accessed via the Vienna site) but also in unicode. (See in this regard already the very valuable

Haappy reading!


On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 6:35 AM David and Nancy Reigle via INDOLOGY <> wrote:
Dear James,

Chapter 5 of the Kālacakra-tantra is the hardest chapter, as you well know, since you translated it. While it is always necessary to compare "the" Tibetan translation when editing or proofreading a Sanskrit text such as this one, here two Tibetan translations must be compared. So it will take some time.

As you probably know, the Tibetan translation of the Kālacakra-tantra made by Somanātha and 'Bro lotsawa as revised by Shong ston is found in the Lithang, Narthang, Der-ge, Co-ne, Urga, and Lhasa blockprint recensions of the Kangyur, and also in a recension with annotations by Bu ston. This Shong revision was then further revised by the two Jonang translators Blo gros rgyal mtshan and Blo gros dpal bzang po. The Jonang revision is found in the Yunglo and Peking blockprint recensions of the Kangyur, and also in a recension with annotations by Phyogs las rnam rgyal.

A comparison of these two Tibetan versions with the Sanskrit is interesting and helpful, but time-consuming.

Best regards,

David Reigle
Colorado, U.S.A.

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020 at 8:40 AM James Hartzell <> wrote:
Dear David

If you do make your input version of the Kālacakra-tantra available at some point I would be grateful for a copy, particularly of Chapter 5.


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