Dear Agathe Keller,

You write

twenty years back already the original indology list had came down precisely by a simillar kind of attack in which Konrad Elst was already involved.

 This is roughly correct. Many times I have been "involved" in attacks, namely as the target of attack. Thus, I have been called "the scum of the earth" here. (By contrast, I myself have never called anyone that, and can't remember that level of abuse even in the heat of discussions.) Obviously in contravention of list rules, but nobody intervened, and nobody even expressed support, at least in public.

Last year, it was Arnaud Fournet who attacked me, with the same fury you have just been here. I thought this was too much, but the listmaster washed his hands in innocence: "The list is not moderated." And I can't remember *you* waxing indignant about this.

More people have asked that I be punished for being attacked. But that this demand is made by the same person who had done the attacking, in multiple violation of list rules, that might be new. 

Yours regretfully,