Does anyone happen to have an easy to reach PDF of Mauer's article that they would be willing and able to share?

The Internet Archive and the HathiTrust do not have the volume available apparently ....

Thanks in advance!!

Bibliographic details from SARDS3 to follow.


Author:Maurer, Walter H.
Title:The rainbow in Sanskrit literature
Journal:Adyar Library Bulletin
Year:1967 - 1968
Shelf mark:UBT: ZA 1421
Keyword:Sanskrit; lexicography; motifs; literary; rainbow; indradhanus; Atharvaveda <XV.1.6>; indracāpa; indrāyudha; literature
Quote:Maurer, Walter H.: The rainbow in Sanskrit literature, in: Adyar Library Bulletin, 31-32, 1967 - 1968, S. 360-381.