30.12.2017, 06:42, "Shrinivas Tilak" <shrinivast_k11612@yahoo.com>:
The Wikipedia entry does not mention anything about  Professor Zaliznyak's connection with Sanskrit except crediting a chapter "Grammaticheskij ocherk sanskrita." Appendix to Russian-Sanscrit dictionnary, ed. by V.A. Kochergina, Moskva, 1978.
Indeed, not much is written even in the Russian Wikipedia. Nontheless he was the greatest Russian Sanskrit scholar of XX century and what he has done for Russian what only Panini has done for Saskrit, and there was an another atempt for Yakut language by Boethlingk, not aware of any other works of such a level of abstraction. So we can say than Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, is inspired by Panini, because it's morphology is based on Zaliznyak, who continues the work of Panini.