Dear colleagues,  

I have been trying to source a hymn entitled the "Āditya Kavacam." So far, I have only found a version on the Internet which gets copied around in different websites. For instance: The Sanskrit has definitely a few typos and overall I am rather skeptical of online material that does not cite its sources.

The "armor" in this version says that its source is the Gaurī Khaṇḍa of the Skāndapurāṇa (iti skāndapurāṇe gaurīkhaṇḍe āditya kavacaṃ sampūrṇam) however, I have not found it in the editions available to me. I know that many texts claim its source in the Skāndapurāṇa which, however, ends up being not more than just a claim. I wonder if the "Āditya Kavacam" is such a case. 

In any case, I would appreciate if anyone has a scan or a more reliable source for this text since all I have been able to find so far has only yielded one source in Kannada language that I, unfortunately, cannot read.