On behalf of l’autrice, it is my pleasure to announce the publication of her study on the function and tasks of a „messenger“ in the context of Sanskrit inscriptions.

A sifting of about 3.600 published inscriptions (3rd to 12th centuries) in Brāhmī- and Nāgarī-scripts yielded 230 documents issued by more than 40 dynasties containing information relevant to the subject. The documentation, analysis and evaluation of these significant inscriptions form the core of the book, which has been written in the German language:

Katrin Einicke, Der Bote im vormodernen Indien. Nach inschriftlichen Quellen.

Halle: Universitätsverlag Halle-Wittenberg 2017. (Studia Indologica Universitatis Halensis. 9). pp. 178, EUR 59,--

ISBN 978-3-86977-160-1





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