Dear colleagues,

During a recent visit to the Telangana State Museum, I was able to photograph a Jaina sculpture (shown in the attached photo) which bears an inscription. Although I don't believe the image can be as old as the museum label makes it out to be, the script used for the inscription does seem to be fairly old for Jaina material from Andhra, perhaps 7th or 8th century. I was hoping to find a published discussion of the sculpture and its inscription in this article:

Ramesan, N. 1963. “Jaina Bronzes from Bapatla.” Lalit Kala 13: 28–30.

But I have drawn a blank here. In fact the sculpture's accession no. 2003-278 indicates that it may be a recent acquisition.

Does anyone happen to know any publication concerning this sculpture, and specifically the source for the reading cited on the museum's label?

Arlo Griffiths