Also: ṭīkā, ṭippaṇī, vivaraṇa.

bhūrjapatra birch bark

kāgadapatra paper

śrītāla a type of palm leaf

This thread gives me the opportunity to ask if any list member can offer a technical meaning for laghupatram

One manuscript of nyāyakaṇikā I am working with has this notation in the margin, where a portion of the text is missing: atra patitā granthāḥ laghupatre likhitāḥ. One possible interpretation is that the marginal note refers to missing passage as it appears on a later folio, but it does not occupy the entire side of the folio. Another interpretation is that there was an inserted light or short folio for the missing passage (in this case, a folio no longer in the manuscript).

Any ideas or references?  

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pañjikā, vtti, vārttika, chāyā, anuvāda
also come to mind

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