Dear list members,
Quite urgently I need to access Prof. Acharya's article *Samskaravidhi*, and I do not have access to my copy of *Melanges tantriques*, where it was published (I literally left it on a different continent). If any of you has a digital copy of the article, may I ask if you could send it to me? Below I attach a full bibliographic reference.

Acharya, Diwakar. 2007. “The Saṁskāravidhi: A Manual on the Transformatory Rite of the Lakulīśa-Pāśupatas” in Dominic Goodall & André Padoux, Tantric Studies in Memory of Hélène Brunner. Collection Indologie 106. Pondicherry: Institut Franҫais de Pondichéry/Ecole franҫaise d’Extrême–Orient. 

With best wishes,
Rafal Kleczek

Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures,
Polish Academy of Sciences)