Dear list members,

I’m pleased to announce the publication by Aditya Prakashan (New Delhi) of the second edition of my monograph Dharma Pātañjala: A Śaiva Scripture from Ancient Java, Studied in the Light of Related Sanskrit and Old Javanese Texts. This is a thoroughly revised and corrected edition, but its principal merit is, perhaps, the price-tag of 3000 rupees (around 40 euros, as opposed to the 180 euros of the Egbert Forsten/Brill edition).

Potential buyers may order it directly from the publisher’s website: <>. They are reliable and ship anywhere in the world. The book is also available on, but it carries a slightly higher price-tag.

Best regards,

Andrea Acri
Maître de conférences
Études tantriques/Tantric Studies
École Pratique des Hautes Études (Sciences Religieuses), Paris