Dear List,

This discussion was initiated by a pair of Hindu nationalists who wish to discredit those of us Indologists who are not Hindu, especially Germans, for some reason.  I am not Hindu and I am not German.  I am Anglo-Siberian.  I can say with confidence that my German colleagues here on this list are not anti-Semitic.  This discussion is not worthy of our list.  

I agree entirely with the view expressed by Roland Steiner, and I think that Herman Tull's 'two cents' were offensive.

George Thompson

On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 10:25 AM, Roland Steiner via INDOLOGY <> wrote:
Dear colleagues,

I, for my part, am irritated by the insinuated interpretation of Professor Falk's remark which I understand in the following way:

The incriminated subclause "because they are Indians"  -- in the phrase: "they want to be taken as authorities, because they are Indians" -- does *not* specify the reason of "their" wish for being "taken as authorites" (in the sense: because they are Indians, they want to be taken as authorities, i.e. Indians want generally to be taken as authorities). Instead, it specifies their presumed *individual* reason for being "taken as authorities" (= they want: to be taken as authorities merely for the reason that they are Indians). One may agree or disagree to this analysis of their motives, but I cannot see any reason for being "appalled and saddened" by this phrase.

With best wishes

Roland Steiner

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