Dear list members,
Three editions of the Taitttiriya Samhita, the edition of Weber, the edition of Satvalekar, and the edition of Kasinatha Agase differ in a reading.

In the Taittiriya Samhita 4.5.1 verse 2


Satvalekar has      sarvān jambhayantsarvāśca

Agase   has           sarvānjambhayansarvāśca

Weber   has          sarvāñjambhayantsarvāśca

Satvalekar and Agase have  sarvān where Weber has sarvāñ  
Weber and Satvalekar have jambhayant where Agase has  jambhayan

Is this a case of misprints in one or more editions or some kind of case of normalizing sandhi?
Which is the correct reading?

Harry Spier