Am 09.01.2017 um 15:17 schrieb Harry Spier:
I need the accented text for taittiriya samhtta book 4 chapters 5 and 7 from good editions.

I have Kashinatha Agase's edition from Ananda Ashram (but there might be some misprings in it so I need to check it against other editions. 

1) Does anyone have Satvalekaras edition?

2) It looks like Rangacharya and Sastris edition may not have book 4 as vo. 5 is book 3 and vo. 6 is book 5.  But if there is a book 4 by them and someone has it that would be great.

Or any other good editions?

3) The version on GRETIL doesn't appear use the usual taittiriya accent system.

There is, e.g., Albrecht Weber's edition (in Latin transliteration)
Taittirīya-Saṃhitā, part 1: Kāṇḍa I-IV, Leipzig 1871 (Indische Studien: 11)
Taittirīya-Saṃhitā, part 2: Kāṇḍa V-VII, Leipzig 1872 (Indische Studien: 12)
(Online: <> and elsewhere)

or the edition of Sontakke, Dharmadhikari et al.:
Taittirīya Saṁhitā : with the Padapāṭha and the commentaries of Bhaṭṭa Bhāskara Miśra and Sāyaṇācārya / ed. by N. S. Sontakke ; T. N. Dharmadhikari. - Poona : Vaidika Saṃśodhana Maṇḍala [et al.], 1970-2007 (vol. 1-5 in 9 parts)

Hope it helps
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