We may find the reference of six headed Siva (Bhadresvara) from the inscription of Champa (Myson stone slab inscription of Jaya Indravarman II, dated 1088 AD).


From: Harry Spier <hspier.muktabodha@gmail.com>
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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Rudra gayatri

Dear list members,

Happy new year.

There is a Rudra gayatri in a text in the Muktabodha digital library called parākramapūjā as follows:

ṣaḍananāya vidmahe
citrapādāya dhīmahi 
tan no rudra pracodayāt

1) Why  ṣaḍananāya ?  Is there a form of Shiva with 6 faces? 
2) How would  citrapāda be translated in this context?

Harry Spier

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