Thanks, Krishnaprasad for the citation. Very helpful.

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Misra Ji
तयोः शरेजप्रकरप्रवाहपर्यन्तभागेषु निषिद्धपाताः ।
वेगेन कृत्वा दिवि चक्रबन्धं भ्रेमुर्गणाः संयति खेशयानाम् (रावणार्जुनीये १९ सर्गे ९ श्लो

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Dear list

Are these any attested uses of the words varṣejakṣarejaśareja, and vareja?

We know that these are all optional forms resulting from the rule vibhāṣā varṣakṣaraśaravarāt (6.3.15). Are there any uses in standard works?

Thanks, Nityananda

Nityānanda Miśra

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