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Dear list members

I am looking for usages of the form ‘mātarapitarau’ which was allowed for in the opinion of northern ācārya-s by ‘mātarapitarāvudīcām’ (A 6.3.31). 

A Google Book search on the Unicode मातरपितरौ led me to discover that the form is used in Hemacandra’s ‘Pariśiṣṭaparva’, but the snippet view (attached image) does not give any idea of where (which chapter or verse) the form is used. That the usage occurs in the work is further confirmed by the discussion by the editors Vijaya Dharma Sūri (and his two disciples) in the introduction to Muni Bhadra Sūri’s ‘Śrīśāntināthamahākāvyam’. Please see page 9 of the attached PDF (page 7 in the book) where the editors in their refutation of H Jacobi’s assessment of Hemacandra’s language discuss the form ‘mātarapitarau’.

If somebody has a digital edition of  ‘Pariśiṣṭaparva’ or has come across the form ‘mātarapitarau’ in the work, can they please help with the complete citation?

In addition, citations of any other attested usages of ‘mātarapitarau’ outside grammar works would be welcome. I am already aware of the examples in the ‘Mahābhāṣya’ (‘mātarapitarau bhojayataḥ’ and ‘mātarapitarāvānaya’) and grammatical commentaries. I am not referred the Vaidika Padānukrama Koṣa (do not have a digital or print copy), perhaps the Vedic texts have an example or two.

Thanks, Nityānanda

Nityānanda Miśra