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In the northern Indic regions of what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan, there was a substantial number of glass objects found at Begram and some blue glass blocks (paving tiles?) around the stupa at Butkara I in Swat.  The Begram material is probably imported but the big blocks of blue glass at Butkara I may have been produced locally.

The Begram material is published in the J. Hackin: Memoires de la Delegation Archeologique Francaise en Afghanistan, Recherches Arceologiques a Begram Chantier No. 2  (1937), Text and Planches (2 vols)  and Nouvelles Recherches Archeologiques a Begram (ancienne Kapici) (1939-1940) Text and Planches (2 books).

I am not sure of the blue glass from Butkara I was ever published.

John C. Huntington

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Many thanks for these very helpful pointers!

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>From the British Museum, by Rachel Mairs, "Glassware from Roman Egypt at Begram (Afghanistan) and the Red Sea trade”. Includes large bibliography.


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