On behalf of Peter Bisschop and myself, I copy the announcement below, with the addition that Peter and I would be absolutely delighted if someone with Sanskrit (etc) interests were to be interested in this opportunity:

The Faculty of Humanities at Leiden University invites applications for 2 fulltime assistant professorships in Digital Humanities.

Assistant Professor Digital Humanities with focus on text analysis (1.0 fte) 

Assistant Professor Digital Humanities with focus on data-analysis and visualization (1.0 fte) 

The Leiden University Centre for Digital Humanities (LUCDH) is recruiting two assistant professors to develop innovative research projects that take full advantage of digital sources and methods, to design and implement teaching programmes in Digital Humanities and to collaborate with digital humanities research across the university.

The two hires will be in complementary areas of the Digital Humanities (DH). We are looking for candidates with an area of specialisation in one of two broader areas. The first position will focus on text analysis (including text and image mark-up, text-mining, corpus linguistics, named entity recognition, topic modelling, or machine learning). The other will focus on the development of data analysis and visualisation platforms (including database design, visualisation, network analysis, or geographic information systems).

For more information go to http://werkenbij.leidenuniv.nl/vacatures/wetenschappelijke-functies/16-061-062-vacature-universiteit-leiden-assistant-professors-digital-humanities.html 

These hires are part of a broader investment in DH at Leiden. The University Library is also recruiting for two positions (in Dutch: http://werkenbij.leidenuniv.nl/vacatures/ondersteunende-en-staffuncties/16-033-034-vacature-universiteit-leiden-twee-digital-scholarship-librarians.html). 

We also expect to recruit for two to three Ph.D. fellowships in the near future.


Please do NOT write to me about this job; I know nothing more than what you read above.
J. Silk
Leiden University
Leiden University Institute for Area Studies, LIAS
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