Dear Martin Gansten
This probably means
Vyakarana Mahabhasya which is written by Patanjali.
He is believed to be an incarnation of Shesharaj who is a bed of Lord Vishnu. So Ahi means Snake. Gavi means his speech or Vanee. In Sanskrit gow means cow and also speech. Here in this context the meaning is to be considered as speech and derivative of the same would lead to this new word.
This is used by famous commentator Mallinatha in his Raghuvamsa etc at the commencement of the same.

On Jan 22, 2016 9:16 PM, "Martin Gansten" <> wrote:
In a panegyrical reference to his guru in the Hāyanaratna, Balabhadra makes use of the word ahigavī:

atha natādīnām ānayanam uktaṃ sakalasiddhāntamaṇḍalīsaroviharaṇarājahaṃsagaṇitavidyācāturītāntrikapañcānanāhigavīpravīṇaiḥ śrīmadgurucaraṇaiḥ paddhaticintāmaṇau |

I'm inclined to understand it simply to mean 'planet', but I can't find this particular compound anywhere else, so I can't be sure. In light of everything else going on in this compound (there's half a zoo in there), I'd be grateful for any suggestions from the vidvāns on this list.

Martin Gansten

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