In a panegyrical reference to his guru in the Hāyanaratna, Balabhadra makes use of the word ahigavī:

atha natādīnām ānayanam uktaṃ sakalasiddhāntamaṇḍalīsaroviharaṇarājahaṃsagaṇitavidyācāturītāntrikapañcānanāhigavīpravīṇaiḥ śrīmadgurucaraṇaiḥ paddhaticintāmaṇau |

I'm inclined to understand it simply to mean 'planet', but I can't find this particular compound anywhere else, so I can't be sure. In light of everything else going on in this compound (there's half a zoo in there), I'd be grateful for any suggestions from the vidvāns on this list.

Martin Gansten