Quite interesting! I wonder if the discussants knew the origin of the word “curry (கறி),” and that it is Tamil. Thereupon they may change their direction!

In any case …

I’ve always wondered about the similarities between the generous use of turmeric in Punjabi & Tamil cuisines. Also, Taro roots which are also referred to as “arbi” and “cēppaṅkiḻaṅku (சேப்பங்கிழங்கு/சேம்பு)” are common in both cuisines.

Thanks and regards,

[I wish I had pursued the socio-anthro route for my Ph.D! ;-) ]

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Subject: Reconstructing Indus Curry!
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On this day of Pongal, here is a podcast reconstructing curry in Indus Valley civilization:-)


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