History of Kings of Nepal: A Buddhist Chronicle

i. Edition by Manik Bajracharya and Axel Michaels
pp. xii + 127, ISBN: 978 9937 597 25 8

ii. Introduction and Translation by Manik Bajracharya and Axel Michaels
pp. xxxviii + 194, ISBN: 978 9937 597 23 4

iii. Maps and Historical Illustrations edited by Niels Gutschow
pp. viii + 154, ISBN: 978 9937 597 24 1

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History of Kings of Nepal is a new translation of a Buddhist chronicle composed probably in the 1830s. This text had previously been published as History of Nepal, translated and edited by Daniel Wright. Using newly discovered manuscripts, this three-volume work consists of the editio princeps and a new translation of this text along a separate volume consisting of illustrations from the mid-19th century together with maps to provide a picture of this crucial period in Nepalese history.