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Two editions have been done, but neither is widely available:

1. Kākacaṇḍīśvarakalpatantra, ed. R. Sharma. Kashi Sanskrit Series 73. Benares. 1929.

2. Kākacaṇḍīśvarakalpatantra : text with English translation
Author: Kākacaṇḍīśvara.; Gyanendra Pandey, (Medical scientist)
Publisher: Varanasi : Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office, 2003.
Series: Chowkhamba Sanskrit studies, v. 121.

Jan Meulenbeld's History of Indian Medical Literature (2A, pp. 608-12) indicates that the Kākacaṇḍīśvarakalpatantra and Kākacaṇḍīśvaramata are two different works. The NCC (vol. 3) appears to conflate their manuscripts.

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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 21:53:57 -0500
Subject: Re: [INDOLOGY] Kākacaṇḍīśvarakalpatantra

Thank you for this Jason.  A quick look at the NGMCP on-line title list  shows 7 manuscripts of the kākacaṇḍeśvarīmata but no texts called  kākacaṇḍeśvarakalpatantra .Does Gordon White say anything about where the manuscript or manuscripts of a text called   kākacaṇḍeśvarakalpatantra are located.

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