Dear scholars,

We are happy to present before you our project SanskritVerb - a computational simulation of step by step Sanskrit verb form generation (तिङन्तप्रक्रिया).

Expected outcome -
1. The code gives step by step derivation of all forms of a given verb in given tense.
2. The code gives a derived table at the end.

Source code -
Online testing -

N.B. -
1. Currently the machine doesn't create sanAdi verb forms. It will be included in later versions.
2. Bug reports are welcome at
3. We have relied upon the following books - (1) Ashtadhyayi sahajabodha by Dr. Pushpa Dikshit, (2) Siddhantakaumudi with Balamanorama commentary and (3) Kashikavritti.
4. Current version is version 1.1.0 (

Thanking you,

Dr. Dhaval Patel, I.A.S and Dr. Shivakumari Katuri