The image has eight hands. Aṣṭabhujā is Durgaa with eight hands. There are quite a few temples of this deity. One is situated at Vindhyachal on the left bank of the Ganges in Mirzapur near Varanasi.
I apologise for double posting. It was posted out of thread that could create confusion.

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Some further options are to be allowed. Jaddhaatrii too sits on a lion. Unless four other hands
 are hidden the six hands too are obstacles.

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Dear Roelf,

I would say it's Durga.
Enlarging the photograph you can see a number of plaques among the offerings. They bear the canonic image of Durga sitting on her lion, alongside with the canonic inscriptions in Hindi: mAtA rAnI kA SR~NgAr (the love of the Goddess).

Dr. Marina V. Orelskaya

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 Subject: [INDOLOGY] who is the deity on the photograph?
 Date: Monday, September 14, 2015, 10:34 AM

 Dear INDOLOGY members,
 Can anybody tell
 us the name of the deity on the attached photograph, and the
 festive occasion for which the offerings have been prepared
 (also taking the month of the year into
 The photograph
 was taken in New Delhi, India, March 2007.

 The offerings
 include pottery with sprouted Barley (Hordeum
 vulgare), a decorated coconut (Cocos nucifera)
 and flowers of several plants. 

 Sprouting barley
 has also been documented in Calcutta (november 2014), where
 it is offered for sale as germinated grain and as seedlings
 in pottery, similar to the one on the photo.

 I am asking
 this question on behalf of the author of the photograph,
 René Cappers. He is currently preparing a book on
 traditional agriculture practices and food

 With kind regards and thanks in advance for your help,

 389761 GL Eeldethe
 Netherlands+31 50 

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